Author: Lisa Zamosky
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

3.7 The student will explain how producers in ancient Greece, Rome, and the West African empire of Mali used natural resources, human resources, and capital resources in the production of goods and services.

Reading Level: Grade Level Equivalent – 4.9; Lexile Level – 610L; Guided Reading Level: Q

Description: This story describes the kingdom of Mali at the height of its power under King Mansa Musa. It discusses how Musa helped his empire grow in both size and culture by encouraging the arts, literature, and architecture.

Why I chose it: I chose this book because I knew that the SOL on Mali would be a difficult one to cover in elementary school, it’s hard for kids to relate to a kingdom so far away in both time and location. I thought this book did a good job making Mali relatable to young kids while going through the various characteristics that are necessary in any society in order to have a functioning nation.