Author: John Cech, Illustrator: Sharon McGinley-Nally

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing

Grade level: 3-5

SOL: Civics

3.12 The student will recognize that Americans are a people of diverse ethnic origins, customs, and
traditions, who are united by the basic principles of a republican form of government and
respect for individual rights and freedoms.

Summary: Based on a true story, in this book, a grandmother tells her granddaughter a bedtime story about her journey from Russia to America during the revolution.  To the girl, the story seems magical, including gypsies and fields of butterflies, and a brave hero who journeys across the world.  In the end, the reader discovers it is the grandmother’s own story.

Why I chose it: The story is beautifully written and illustrated.  The illustrations have a russian style with bold colors, and I think it would be a good story to start a discussion on diversity and how families come from different places.