The Penny Pot

Title: The Penny Pot

Author: Stuart J. Murphy

Publisher: HarperCollins

SOL: 2.10 The student will
a) count and compare a collection of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters whose total value is $2.00 or less

Grade Level Equivalent: 2.6

Description: The Penny Pot is set at a school fair. The art teacher, Fran, is charging 50₵ per face painting. Jessie wants her face painted very badly, but is 11₵ short. Fran uses a penny pot for other students who have extra change to donate. Eventually Jessie gets enough money for her face paint and makes a decision about what she’ll have painted on her face.

Why I Chose It: This money is a great start to learning how to count coins. I would encourage my students to follow along and create coin combinations that match amounts written in the book. I think it would also be fun to have a penny pot in the classroom too, and maybe use it as a Relay for Life fundraiser or something.

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